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    My good friend's an Emergency Medicine doctor in Japan; don't matter that he's the head, he still does shift work
    Which is annoying because he can't get off even when I visit!
    Says need to set good example for the junior doctors zzz...

    In an amusing turn, when I told him of the minimum charge here, he was absolutely delighted
    I swear his face lit up and he grinned! Told me it was a great idea!
    Haha, he gesticulated at the posters on the walls of the dept - it was a campaign to tell the public not to go to the A&E if it wasn't serious
    Says he spends most of his nights treating syncope from drunk salarymen, pacifying elderly men and women who can't sleep and dream up ailments so that they can talk to someone in the middle of the night. Yet he can't brush them off easily if a trauma case lands, a convoluted mix of respect for elders and paying customers (insurance) makes it tricky to do so
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    Quote Originally Posted by ricohflex View Post
    Heard that USA is like that. If you don't have medical insurance and have no money, they refuse to treat you.

    Can watch in John Danzel Washington

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