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Thread: Dallas and its surrouding area

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    Default Dallas and its surrouding area

    Hi folks,

    Has anyone been to Dallas and its surrounding areas?!?! Search the forum and got nothing much out of it. Check the google and borrowed the usual USA travel books and nothing much as well! Will be there for 6 weeks, but for work, so only got weekends to roam.

    I know and thinking of the following;-
    1) premium outlet at Allen (shopping, not photography) and other shopping malls there
    2) JFK assignation memorial in downtown Dallas
    3) fossil rim wildlife center in glen rose
    4) south fork ranch (where they use the grounds for the tv series Dallas) - not sure it's worth the trip
    5) Dallas botanical gardens which named with an 'A' word which I can't spell on top of my head

    I might head down to Houston to see that NASA space center there but not certain as it takes 4 hours to drive down. Unfortunately the rodeo season has just finished, so no rodeo to see, although I will still check with the locals there - maybe I might get lucky with it...

    Not sure what/where else to do/go...

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    Actually, there's nothing much in Dallas, it's just a metropolitan city.
    you might want to consider go directly to Houston and spend more time there.

    The outlet mall in Allen also nothing much. not sure if there's one along the way down to Houston from Dallas.

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    Like I say, this is for work, so I can't take off and go to Houston... Sigh, looks like it will be a quiet few weeks there...

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    consider flying during friday nights to somewhere else. Then fly back to dallas during sunday evenings. That's only if you are keen on travelling to good places.

    That is the kind of travelling I did when I was in Germany for work. I flew off to its neighbor countries over the weekend. I guess the same may apply in your case where you can travel to the neighbor states of dallas.

    Or maybe take some day off after your business trip and extend your time there for a holiday. ;-)
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    Default Re: Dallas and its surrouding area

    Las Colinas Canals
    Deep Ellum / Downtown Dallas
    Meyerson Symphony Center
    Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden | Yearly Festivals
    McKinney Avenue Trolley
    Arlington Hall at Lee Park Dallas Texas
    Prairie Creek Park in Richardson
    Hickory Street Annex

    There are a lot of photography opportunity in the US. Don't be afraid to wander out and just get yourself lost driving. Remember to bring along a GPS to route you back home. Also do weekend getaways, drive or fly to nearby cities during the weekend.
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    Default Re: Dallas and its surrouding area

    Traveling within 5 hours one way is pretty common for a weekend vacation in the states. rent a car and drive around is not that difficult. some net journey planning tools helps alot. You'll be surprised by the massive amount of suggestion found along the way. Also, consider visit AAA travel services/insurance services to help plan your journey.


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