Hone your photography skills in this exciting 3-hour lesson at the fascinating and gaudily colorful Haw Par Villa (Villa of the Tiger and Leopard).
The Baobab Shootout is an inspiring outdoor class held in visually extravagant locations around Singapore. Every month the themed class is different and is often held around cultural festivities, giving you loads of fantastic shooting and learning opportunities.

The Haw Par Villa was originally constructed in 1937 by "Tiger Balm King" Aw Boon Haw as a grand residence for his younger brother who helped create their fortune. The park's attraction is its colourful collection of over 1,000 statues and 150 giant tableaux centered around Chinese folklore, legends, history and Confucian ideology. These statues and their tales of morality provide excellent subjects for still life composition and the creation of vibrant, attention-grabbing photos that are fun, quirky and full of folklore stories.

Skills Required: Participants must have completed a beginners digital photography course and have a working knowledge of Aperture and Shutter Speed priority modes.

Gear Required: DSLR camera (or similar)

9am-12pm Fri 18th May. $100. Baobab Photography 6402 3802 www.baobabphoto.com karen@baobabphoto.com