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Thread: Canon or?

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    Question Canon or?

    Hi all,

    What's the main differences btw Canon
    1. A85/A95
    2. S1
    3. G3

    Basically i wanna get a 2nd hand digicam for my startup. Wanna play ard with a PnS with some manual controls, something which can let me learn better before i migrate to a dSLR.

    Some fellow seniors recommended the above models but i wanna know more about the main differences btw each of them. I also have suggestions to get Panasonic Lumix but what's the exact model to consider for

    I've increased my budget from $400+ to ard $600+. So is there any other models avail looking at my budget? What are the main factors to look out in selecting a 2nd hand digicam with my budget in hand?

    Thanks to ALL!!!

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    canon differentiates the G series as being more ~advanced~ than the A series

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    A-series cameras are very nice compact cameras. just a little too big to comfortably put in your pocket, but are good both in auto mode, and also let you play with lots of settings, like shutter speed, aperture, ev compensation, custom white balance etc.

    G-series cameras are their big brothers. more advanced. includes stuff that A-series doesn't have, such as flash hotshoe so you can use an external flash. but quite big in size compared to A-series.

    S1... is a bit of an odd creature. 3mp camera with long zoom and image-stabilization i think. don't know much about it.

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    Didn't reply to your sms as it'll be a super long one (You'll know why soon).

    I just want to paint a simple picture for you.

    1. A85/A95 - Get the A95 instead ... it's a 5mp DC with vari-angle LCD screen for easy viewing and composition of images from awkward angle.

    2. S1 - It's a 3.2mp camera with 10X optical zoom (optical is preferred to digital zoom) and it has shift-type image stabiliser that uses a vibration detection gyro and moves the lens to a position that will decrease camera shake. Also allows you to use AA type batteries.

    3. G3 - It's a no longer in production, 4mp camera. Allows you to shoot RAW, ability to use external speedlites.

    Hope it helps!

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    Thanks to all for your advices

    Adam > Thanks, noted and understood what there's no sms instead
    So in your opinion, which is a better fit for a beginner startup -> A95 or S1?
    Is there other brands/models worth a comparison in the range of A95 or S1?

    Correct me if i'm wrong. Personally, i thought optical zoom on the higher end is much needed than a high MP considering the fact that i'm not putting emphasis on photo prints.


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