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Thread: Very painful to hear

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    Default Re: Very painful to hear

    Oklah, just point what you want to eat.

    Yes, sometimes they are too busy.


    Quote Originally Posted by Sion View Post
    My boss told me when he walked into a restaurant in Japan they just refused to serve him.

    They had enough local clients to worry about learning to speak English to serve an odd Ang Moh or two.

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    Default Re: Very painful to hear

    Quote Originally Posted by chillicutter View Post
    Then we shall reply:" si erh (pot) mai chio teh gorh (kettle) orh loh..."
    Basket, all this while I tot my England sibeh power... Now then realised ish pot and kettle... So pai seh, I always say Pork calling Cattle black... Thankz bro ..
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    Quote Originally Posted by kei1309 View Post
    i worked in an American organization previously and... you'd be appalled at their standard of the English Language.
    It doesn't surprise me one jot. The Americans have completely, utterly and ruthlessly b*stardised English to a level that is beneath contempt. Many years ago at university we had an American guest lecturer who was the then the senior professor of English at Stamford. He actually apologised for what his countrymen had done to a great language. With that said, English is being b*stardised in the UK too with the illiterate Chavs, laddettes and horrible Thames Valley accent.
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