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Thread: (C#04) Photo-Shoot on Sat 1st Jan

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    Default (C#04) Photo-Shoot on Sat 1st Jan

    Shoot on the first day of the brand new year! Abit last minute...Here we go...

    C#04 Saturday, 1st Jan 2005.:
    Time : 3pm to 6pm
    Duration : 3 hrs
    Location : very special arrangements to be released to participants
    Fees : $50 per photog
    Outfits : 1 Casual + 1 Sexy outfit
    Model : Catherine (1.65m 33/24/34), Beth (1.72m 33/25/34)
    2 models for the price of ONE!



    Kindly PM me your contacts if you would wanna sign up the shoot. Thanks!
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    Default Catherine/Beth

    Making changes to the models.

    We have Catherine/Beth for the shoot.

    PM me for those who are interested.


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