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Thread: My workflow sucks (sample pics included) pls help...

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    Default My workflow sucks (sample pics included) pls help...

    Hi bros out there.

    I took abt 8 hours processing some pics from my Chiangmai trip. Initially i made them very nice and contrasty and colorful, but i realized after looking at:

    that a more muted neutral tone would actually appear more natural.

    As such, i tried recreating the effect of the above images as shown in my gallery here:

    I basically just tweaked using nikon capture by reducing saturation, unsharp masking, noise reduction, and fiddlign with chroma. But its nowhere as good as teh madison images site.

    I spent such a long time doing it, and my results are still HORRIBLE. Not only that, my picture composition also sucks. The shots are some of the better few that i took. Sigh, even my GF with her ixus V3 takes better composed shots than me.... How i wish i could make all my shots look like the madison images fellow. Never mind i am determined to train up my composition skills.

    Does anyone have any comments? Better still, does anyone know how i can achieve that nice subdued tone effect from the madison images site? Its darned hard! A nice workflow is an art in itself man...
    I tried emailing the madison images guy guy, but no response.
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    i can't really see what you mean by muted neutral tone but I find the madison images more contrasty than yours.

    Your photos do seem more muted IMO.

    I'm just starting out in finding a workflow for myself also. What I normally do is to tweak hue/sat. brightness and lightness. I used to spend hours in front of the computers processing my photos, but I think I should just trust the colours of my cameras and just tweak a little here and there..

    I think your pics looks ok somehow. just the colours a bit dull...

    I have the same prob with my dull images at

    The photos are save in sRGB. This also reminds me.. did you save your photos in sRGB? I know that if you save in adobe RGB, the colours will come out some what desaturated.
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    hi yanyekay thanks for reply...

    hmm i guess what i mean is that the colors are less vibrant for the madison images. They are very "grayish" if u noe wat i mean. But i llike that kind of look as it seems very natural to me. You are right, they are contrasty, but contrasty with that "Grayish" tone. the colors don't jump out at you..

    im trying to create that effect... but can't seem to do so... sigh

    My colors were actually super contrasty and super vibrant and rather warm prior to this. they are duller now coz i purposely made it like that in attempt to recreate the madison effect. But in the end looks like sai! sigh....


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