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Thread: Over Expose pic

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    Default Over Expose pic

    Hi All,

    Need help!!!

    Can anyone tell me how to tune over expose pic in Jpeg formate.
    Using Nikon Capture or Photo shop


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    use layers and adjust the

    - levels
    - curves
    - brightness/contrast
    - hue/saturation/lightness

    results may not be optimal since overexposure is generally very difficult to salvage. other more sophisticated methods may also be used.

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    Try the following method. It may help to some extent.

    1. Open the over-exposed picture in Photoshop
    2. Make a copy of the photo layer in the Layers Palette
    3. Change Blend Mode of this layer from Normal to Multiply
    4. Adjust Opacity to your liking

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    Shall try it now.


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