Wonder if this is a new hip trend.

I see such cafe cropping up like mushrooms on old fallen tree trunks. One establish joint, followed by another one next door and one more under renovation across the road at Upper Thomson row of shop houses next to the Holy Spirit Catholic Church.

And then, spottted another 2 along Tanjong Katong Rd, near the Student Hostel.

I am sure there are a couple of them at Holland V even though I have been to that location for the last few years. Or Dempsey Hill or whatever.

At one time, there used to have 3 roti prata shops at Upper Thomson. They fought it out and now, there is only one shop standing there. I guess this neighbourhood could only sustain at the very most one ice cream cafe.

Well, ice cream is a snack, eat for fun and not for filling the tummy.