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Thread: Does photo taking help with the breeding of the hummingbirds?

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    Default Does photo taking help with the breeding of the hummingbirds?

    Jurong Bird Park was the first in Asia to breed hummingbirds in captivity. Maybe all the flashes and attention from fellow clubsnap members help
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    cool I love JBP !!! LongLife JBP !!! JBP here I come !!!!!!!

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    Erm...maybe some flash does help but not too much. Too much may blind them and sekaly they may end up mating with the wrong birds probably that's how the Ostrich come about...big body, small wings

    Eh...wrong time hor...even during Stoneage, the cavemen may only be using rock-cameras with fire-torches!

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    actually i was about to say that, but I don't want to be the bad guy.

    real sceanrio :

    Bird A and bird B were suppose to mate, they dunno how each other looks like coz they never met before. so one day, simon and ckiang went there and tried the 8 frames per second with flash, you say the bird blind or not?

    On the actually mating day, bird A and bird B finally meet. Bird A asked "are you pretty?" bird B replied "yes". Since bird A can't see bird B, he thought she is telling the truth, hence they mated.

    EOS(End of Story).
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