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    Anyone knows what is the best way to travel South Africa? I am going with my family and we have 5 adults. The options are:

    1. Singapore travel agency. Does anyone know of a good one. Many of they advertise but can't find any feedback on whether they are good or not.
    2. South African tour agencies. Again nothing about someone who has tried and speaks volumes about it.
    3. Go on your own, free & easy. A friend of mine tried this and he say it is not easy as South Africa is pretty big and driving around waste a lot of time if you don't know where you are going.

    I am playing a 10-14 days trip.

    Any help will be much appreciated.
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    I was in South Africa last Dec with four family (9 adults and 9 children), DIY tour.

    1. Flew on SQ to Johannesburg and connect to Zimbabwe for a 2 N 3D tour of the Victoria Falls.
    2. Back to Johannesburg from Victoria Fall and do 1 Day tour of the Panorama Tour
    3. Book a 4N 5D at Kruger National Park for the Safari with a local guide
    3. Spend a day in Johannesburg for the Aparthied Museum.
    4. Flew from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth for the Garden Route tour, book a 18 seat bus and a driver for the entire trip to Cape Town.

    Some of the picture from my holiday below.

    Safari Holiday @ Kruger National Park - a set on Flickr
    Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe - a set on Flickr
    Panoroma Route - South Africa - a set on Flickr
    Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe - a set on Flickr

    The Garden Route photos are not complete yet.

    Garden Route, South Africa - a set on Flickr

    PM me if need more information.


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    1. Security - Other then Johannesburg, during the day it is still pretty safe along Garden Route. Anyway, there isn't much night activities.

    2. Garden Route not as scenic as compare to NZ.

    3. If you are keen on wild life, Kruger National Park might be the highlight.

    4. We enjoy most is Victoria Falls.

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    In Joberg, you must try the Lion Park.

    The Lion Park | The Lion Park in South Africa

    The best Safari is in Kenya, at least a 3D2N Masai Mara Safari.

    Masai Mara, Kenya - Safari Parks & African Wildlife

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    Agree, best Safari is in Kenya, that will be my plan in another couple of years time. If you have kids, Kruger maybe more child friendly.

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    200mm on Crop Camera Body enough for Kruger National Park?

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    200mm is not enough most of the time. If you can at least 300mm and above. I had a 100-400mm zoom.

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    Was there last December for 18days. Spend most of my time in Plettenberg bay along Garden route, try not to waste to much time traveling from place to place.

    200mm lens for Lion park is fine, but for Safari min 400mm and above..

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    I've done free and easy.
    Not that easy...

    I actually felt that it was safer in Kruger with the animals than with the humans in Joberg.
    (You CAN get robbed killed on the public bus)

    Taxi meters jumps every minute, like drinking water. Just note, if you use this as a form of transport.

    Pretoria and Cape Town are much safer.
    But they are all not safe at night (as are many non Asian big cities)
    I was nearly stabbed by a gang of kids, so that's how safe it is at night
    The next day, some kid pointed a gun thing at me and my friend on Table Mountain.

    If doing by free and easy, I'd suggest looking for a guide or local tour agency (SATOUR registered) online and book one before going.
    Some can pick you up from the airport.
    At the minimum, get the backpacker's lodge/hotel to pick you up from the airport.
    Other day tours, you can arrange from the many local tours (brochures) avaliable in hostels and hotels.

    CapeTown you can go around the major places by foot if your accommodation is near enough, but not at night.

    All said, though, it is a fantastically beautiful place.
    The landscapes and land formations are what you'd only get to read on geography books here.
    Of course there are the wonderful animals too (big5, small 5, etc)
    Great food too, and not expensive.

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    Generally price (>30%) has increase after the world cup.


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