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Thread: Official Pentax Richoh Videos

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    Default Official Pentax Richoh Videos

    Was doing my regular search for Pentax videos and came across this one.
    Not sure if this is the official Pentax Ricoh Youtube channel but its all Pentax..yeah!

    For those new to Pentax Don't forget to check out the "Uncle Jack" video. Its hilarious!
    And yeah..miss the bald headed guy giving a nice run down on the Pentax models. Seems they no longer do it with the K-x.

    pentaxian1 - YouTube
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    Default Re: Official Pentax Richoh Videos

    Don't want to create another thread, so putting it here. Check out this video on reparing the film era K-x.
    I had not idea the camera was SOOOO complicated! These days, with sophisticated electronics, the design is much simpler.

    Repair: ASAHI PENTAX KX - YouTube


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