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    Hey I'm going vietnam to photograph soon and I'm so lookin' forward to it. The only problem is, I'll be using my EOS 88 (i'm a poor student heheh) and shooting slides. At the same time, I'm also thinking of keeping an extra camera loaded with black and white just in case i come across scenes where I want to photograph in black and white. (i know there's the option of scanning my slides in after and making it black and white but nuthing can beat the original black and white quality i feel) I'd be most grateful if someone could offer information as to where and how much I can loan another film camera for. (i just need another EOS 88 or any canon film camera). I don't see the sense in buying another 88 for myself


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    If you loan it may be quite expensive. I would advise you to buy a 2nd hand film camera(since they're so cheap now) and resell it after your trip
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