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Thread: Difference btwn close up and macro lens

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    Default Difference btwn close up and macro lens

    hi ppl ... i'm using a consumer cam. just wondering wat's the difference btwn a close up filter and a macro lens?

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    The last time I tried on my Sony V1, those close-up filters have a very shallow DOF compared to Macro lens.

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    optical quality...???

    anyway dedicated macro lens let u get a 1:1 or perhaps 1:2 image size reproduction...close up filters dun do this for u, they only blow up the image size and decrease the working distance if i am not mistaken....

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    thanks for the input gerald.
    hmm if a close up filter only decreases the working distance then won't i have to shoot closer? Is this what you mean?

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    no i means u shoot that u can get a bigger image la...

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    oic.... haha... thanks bro. so how was the seed?

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    Buy better petrol doesn't equal to bigger engine capacity.
    Optical preforment is not the same also. Marco lens are design for you to go closer and get good result, where a close up filter just an add on to a lens that not design for marco work to do marco.
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    hmm so if i add a close up filter to a macro it is not really appropriate. Is that where we're heading at?


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