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Thread: Is Bangkok Safe To Visit ?

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    Default Is Bangkok Safe To Visit ?

    Since I have booked a ticket with Tiger Airways to Phuket, I either have to forfeit the entire ticket, or add another $50-60 and go to Bangkok.

    If I were to go Bangkok, it would be end Jan, early Feb. Do you think it would be a good time to go Bangkok ? Do you think it would be strained with the influx of people coming from Phuket and other affected areas for example, seeking medical help ?

    I feel really sad to be holidaying when the country is in distress.

    Whats worse, there have been reports that there will be a terrorist act on the Jan 4th 2005 to "celebrate" 1 yr of Violence in the south.

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    I will be going over in early Feb too! And yes... its depressing going over during such kinda situation. Btw, if you have not book your hotel, I suggest you start looking for it now? Haha we have yet to find a hotel which is available .....and might have to sleep on the streets?

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    i dun see y Bangkok is not safe to visit.

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    dun think much will happen in BKK. Should be more then safe.
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    im going back to thailand for studies on the 9th of Jan... will keep u guys updated if you want i feel that it will be safe
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