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Thread: Telephoto Coverter = Blur image..???

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    Quote Originally Posted by majere2sg
    Whats the point of doing so if you can ? If you put a 0.7 and a 1.4, you end up getting 0.98..
    Use a wide angle (0.7x) if your widest is not wide enough.. to bring 28mm to 19.6mm..
    use a telephoto convertor (1.4x) if your telephoto is not long enough.. to bring 100mm to 140mm..
    I dun think the camera can even focus...
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    generally from wat i heard from a friend who uses prosumers .... regardless of wat u use the photos will still not be rendered sharp if u use convertors....the best image quality is still juz the built in lens alone...

    is this true????

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