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Thread: Anyone know MacRitchie Reservoir photo location

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    Default Anyone know MacRitchie Reservoir photo location


    Sorry can't seem to find the thread but saw it before in CS on the location where got hanging bridge one leh Anyone can provide info or guide me to the thread? Thnxs!

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    just look for the HSBC treetop trail at the park itself... prepare to trek long distances to it..
    or check out for details

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    tt's closer to the northern side already....if u go in from the macritchie gate u will walk a super long way.....route march way to cut short the dist.... is to park at SICC if u got a membership and cut in....they are very particular about ppl using their roads....

    there is another faster way to get the juletong tower straight away......but its restricted.... dun tink u can juz "drive" up that way


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