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Thread: Feedback on CS Tenth Anniversary at SAM

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    Default Feedback on CS Tenth Anniversary at SAM

    Dear ClubSnap Members

    A big thank you for your generous support for our recent Tenth Anniversary @ SAM.
    Clubsnap would not be the biggest Singapore photography online community without each and everyone of you. In the spirit of engagement, enabling and energizing, we would like to hear from everyone.

    This is an open call for feedback for our Tenth Anniversary @ SAM regarding
    1) Dinner; or
    2) Sponsors' Product Showcase; or
    3) Talks; or
    4) Walks; or
    5) Any other matter

    Of course we welcome compliments. Words of encouragement and a simple thank-you note are reward enough.

    That said, we want to hear
    1) how we could improve; and
    2) what YOU, our valued member, wish to see in future events

    While we cannot promise your every wish to actualise, we will try our very best.

    Drop me a PM, all correspondence will be treated with utmost confidence.

    Let us build a stronger community together!! Thank you.
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    Default Re: Feedback on CS Tenth Anniversary at SAM

    1. Strange as it might seem, I think we had just a few too many talks or rather the talks were timed too back-to-back
    2. Great to have the manufacturers showcase their wares but the lack of retail activity (especially by our online stores) was felt
    3. More photowalks cum photo-sharing sessions after the walk
    4. ALL speakers should check that their AV is synced and working before their presentation starts
    5. A couple of on-site model shoots would be very nice
    shaddap and just shoot .... up close


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