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Thread: When does it tantamount to forum "stirring"?

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    Default Re: When does it tantamount to forum "stirring"?

    Sinned79 said

    "but to professionals, they will pick the right person for the shoot to show their portfolio."


    "I never shoot Cassie before and I never will, to me shes not cut out to be a model. She only knows that few poses. But well its just my personal views again."


    ...... sinned79, i hope we are friends enough that i can comment on this for EVERYONE's benefit and that we STAY friends ... ... if not I am sorry

    God help photographers who can pick and choose their clients' face and body shape

    NEVER BLAME THE MODEL if your photos come out not to your expectations .....

    Its always a sad day when a photographer needs a pretty or curvy model to save or rescue a photograph from the trash bin (a few gallery and motorshow images will attest to this) .... and vice versa when a photographer turns a half dead flower into a full bloom

    And lastly...... as calm as Mambostevie was when his shoot thread was thrashed (like going into a coffeeshop and bang table when you have not even ordered a kopi) .... that was uncalled for . What crime or offence has organizer or model committed that you would want to ruin the shoot (intentionally OR unintentionally) and cause potential financial loss.

    Lets all learn from this and be a little sensitive shall we ?
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