Hi guys

I just had my wedding and honeymoon pics in digital. What do you guys do as the pics are all in jpegs and i have tons to go through.

For my honeymoon pics, it's all in my pocket harddisk while my wedding pics are in 2 cd roms.

I was thinking of doing the following:
1) Download the honeymoon pics to comp/laptop, delete those that is just no good directly through thumbnail review/slideshow;
2) Copy from comp/laptop to CD roms for the so called ok-good pics as back-up, no touch up done yet;
3) Further scrutiny to delete those ok shots;
4) Do the cropping for the good shots, save as 4*6 or 8*12 depending on whether likely to print it or use it for other purposes;
5) Edit the images by using Curves, USM and any other PS tools.
6) Save final images in CD ROM/DVD ROM.

For my wedding pics, it will basically be from step 3-6 after i transfer to laptop/comp.

Just wanted to check what's your most efficient workflow and any comments on my workflow. Also, any useful tips to shorten the time required?

Thanks folks!