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Thread: Film based point n shoot cameras

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    Thks Kipling, do you have the model for reference, I am more than willing to offer you some monetory terms, i stay very near you btw. Sorry to have to trouble u.
    Hi, the model number is AF230QD. Comes with golden box as good as new. It has a viewfinder and 29mm f4.5 lens, juz read the manual for the first time, haha... The last time i was clearing my dry cabinet, i noticed it and tested it with batteries and the flash fired, never ran any film tru it though. It's alrite, it will be urs FOC, juz pm me ur hp number and i will get back to u. Will be busy this week till next mon, anytime in evenings will be fine with me.

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    I am shooting with film mainly, and i have to say top end film compacts would be the konica hexar AF, Ricoh Gr1 etc. But they range from 300-400+ onwards... i lusted after the hexar for a very long time but couldnt bring myself to part with 600... haha...

    Mother's day is coming soon anw, least u have an idea what to get for ur mum. (anyone with any ideas?) Nowadays, film slrs with autofocus are getting real cheap, less than 100. Not the manual focus all brass bodies like the overpriced FM2s, but the N90s etc..

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