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Thread: Any advise on Dos & Dont's WRT Photography? Experiences to share?

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    Default Any advise on Dos & Dont's WRT Photography? Experiences to share?

    Hi Folks,

    Am planning a family holiday to Engaland in July ~2.5 weeks. Will be driving around here and there.
    I am a seasoned traveller around SEA and Australia. However I have not been back to England for too long (more than 20 years). Back then my photography was just with a point and shoot 35mm film camera, and we had not had the 9-11 incident.

    I have read a number of articles in the past on how over zealous the British Police and security can be when we are taking photos of landmarks, building and even the casual street photography.

    Can any of you please share any travel photography advise on the DOs and DONTs with regards to photography in England?

    I went to Holland last year and my Dutch friend told me the Dutch are not as "Paranoid" as the Brits, so I was quite free to photograph anything of interest during my travel throughout Holland.

    I will be taking my usual holiday camera gear; D700 w/ 24-70mm, D300 w/ 70-300mm, D70 18-70mm, modified for IR photography. Gear wise is not a problem for me to bring around.

    However, appreciate if you have any advise/experience to share to help me along for the England trip. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Any advise on Dos & Dont's WRT Photography? Experiences to share?


    i have been studying in the UK for over a year and i haven't had any trouble with the police or security while taking photographs.

    i think that you'll be fine as (1) you'll be with your family and not alone (2) i am assuming that you'll be traveling quite a fair bit outside london where there will be less police and security around.

    do note that certain buildings, especially some in london, may be home to some more confidential government agencies so you might be stopped from taking photographs of those buildings especially if you are within its premises. but otherwise you shouldn't worry about being stopped at all.

    hope this helps!

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    Default Re: Any advise on Dos & Dont's WRT Photography? Experiences to share?

    Thanks for the tip. Great to hear that it's not as bad as I had thought. I was counting on England being more photographer friendly as there will be tons of photographers throughout the London Olympics period.

    It would be a public nightmare if the metro police and security officers started harassing all and any photographers especially the tourists.

    Yes I will be with the family all the time and traveling outside London, more towards the countryside. I had read some articles in Amateur Photographer etc. about photographers getting accosted by the police and security for taking seemingly innocent photos during parades etc.

    Many thanks again for your feedback.

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