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Thread: how to make this effect?

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    Default how to make this effect?

    Hi ,

    newbie here... may i know how to make this kind of effect & which software to use to achieve this effect?

    Hi weekh,
    this pic is taken from ur gallary.. hope u don't mind....

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    me using ps 7. wat i did was to copy the pic. the layer menu will display the original pic as background and the duplicated pic as layer 1. desaturate the layer 1 pic and click on layer mask icon. set color swatch to black as foreground & white as background. select the brush & u can begin to color the potion u wanted. once u r done, select right arrow on layer menu & click flatten image. then u haf completed.

    if u make some mistake when working with the brush, just press 'x' on ur keyboard and the color swatch change to white as foreground. ues the brush to do correct ur mistake. once u r done, press 'x' to swatch the foregroung to black and continue.


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