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Thread: Food lighting at Botany Centre 6th May Sunday 8am to 10am

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    Food lighting lesson at Botany Center Botanic Gardens 6th May 8am to 10am

    This explain some lighting options for food items like cupcakes and noodles.

    The location is at Library area of Botany Center which is at the Tanglin side of Botanic Gardens, Napier road.
    We will be at this location for the whole duration as I will be using the tables here for the setup.

    Date : 6th May 2012 Sunday
    Time : 8am to 10am ( 1 hour demo, 1 hour questions )
    Name : Francis
    Contact: 90070503 ( No need to call or sms during 8am to 10am ) just come as I won't be able to pick up calls

    Equipment to bring:
    Just yourself is fine.
    This is the third lesson for this year.

    This is a free outing.
    Everyone is welcome.
    No need to have lists or confirm who is coming.
    No need to register, no need to ask permission.
    No need to pm me your number or details.
    I seldom check the forums.
    Hopefully, these lessons will help you in your hobby and win contests like the the canon Photomarathon.

    Anything else that you think that I should teach can sms 90070503 or facebook me.

    Cheers :>
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    Default Re: Food lighting at Botany Centre 6th May Sunday 8am to 10am

    thanks francis for organising all these talks! have benefitted from your previous sessions

    just a small note in the first line the date should be 6 May 8 am to 10 am =)

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    Default Re: Food lighting at Botany Centre 6th May Sunday 8am to 10am

    the demo is on coming sunday guys (06-May-2012).... Thanks Francis for organizing!!
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    Thanks Guys for coming, the next outing will be about creative or conceptual photography on 20 May at botany centre, if you have a personal idea to shoot, suggest it there so we can shoot it for you.

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