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Thread: newbie pics, pls comment!

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    childhood playground

    Hi people, it's my first time seriously taking pictures like that. I used a canon a75 without any add-on lens or filters.. pls give some comments for me to improve on my future shots.. thanks!
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    i really like the last shot.... very 1960s.... very very nice.

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    yupz me too lovEd the last picture, soo oldening look !!

    the first pic amazes me too ! the background is nicely blurrEd, without PhotoshopinG ?

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    Hihi, thanks leeter and jonlou. i was just playing around with the photoshop for the last picture, and it's just fortunate of me that it turns out this way.

    The first two pics are without ps. however, i wonder if the first shot is a bit over exposed or not.

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    To me the exposure is ok. A good attempt bro.
    BTW, u just registered not long but able to post pic liao....why??

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    I think you can post pictures too.. but there're some procedures to follow. just read this sticky thread .

    hope it helps!

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    the 2nd pic....issit taken at amk central ?

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    Physical: well, quite near. lol.. the first and third pics are taken in the garden behind amk mrt. the second pic is actually my block of flats next to chengsan CC

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    nice shots how did you get the blur with a75 on first pic? what settings did you use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dda95
    nice shots how did you get the blur with a75 on first pic? what settings did you use?
    Hi! think i did nothing special there.. just turned on the macro mode and shoot it, then cropped the picture into appropriate size and posted it here. :P

    i'm not home now, maybe after i reach home at night, i'll check the settings that i've used and let u know?
    by the way, u also canon A series user?


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