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    Default Epson P2000

    i find it interesting. any idea on availability?

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    Exclamation Epson P-2000 Multimedia Storage Viewer in Singapore and Malaysia

    It seems to have very positive reviews in the US where it was launched in Nov 2004. Here are some links, wonder if there are an interested group here. As far as I know the previous model, P-1000 did not make it here due to the lack of demand. The pricepoint seems to be really decent given the performance of the battery and it can play mp3 and avi video!

    How is the Malaysia market? Do you think there are people who want it? Epson might bring it in if is there is a real demand. I definitely want one! Too late for a Christmas present, maybe in time for CNY would be nice!
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    i've heard that epson sgp has no plans to bring it in....dont know about malaysia...

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    The reviews so far seems really positive I wonder if there's anyone in SG or MY interested in this.

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    sigh, doesn't work with raw files from my camera. my dream is for an ipod photo with a built in cf reader. that one i will get.

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    Default Reply from Epson Singapore


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