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Thread: Nikon 3700 or Panasonic FX2?

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    Default Nikon 3700 or Panasonic FX2?

    I'll be getting either a Nikon 3700 or a Panasonic FX2.. but i'm kinda confused over which one is better. i've heard that the pictures produced by Nikon is much better. also, the batt life for the Panasonic is rather lacking. For night shots, which camera is much better??

    do give me your opinions. thanks.

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    I'll go for nikon 3700. for a much cheaper price, u get a reasonably good point and shoot cam.

    Also, I've just found out that there's a russian guy who created a hacked firmware for coolpix 3700, which i felt is quite cool. Somemore, if you're willing to spend about 20 bucks more, he's willing to help u customise settings that u want for the 3700. (e.g, put in manual iso settings, shutter speed, etc)


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