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Can any kind sould please teach me how to PS a neg look for digital pics? Thanks.
This is not PS advice BUT do you run your photos through any noise reduction programs? such as Helicon or Neat Image (both available as free downloads) as I consider both these help to give a 'filmy' look when processed on pics without much digital noise in the first place.

There is also 'local contrast' "sharpening" (Its not actually sharpening) using USM with settings 20, 35-65, 0 which helps remove the 'greasy' look many digital photographers complain of.

Another technique some people like is to apply a little Gaussian blur (around 1-2%) then immediately choose edit, select colour.. This applies it only to the colour channels i.e. not the luminance.. You can acheive a similar effect by changing Mode to LAB and applying Gaussian Blur on the colour channels only and at the same time sharpening on the L Channel..

Any Help ?