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Thread: Instilling that 1st Spark

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    The B&W version works for me. The framing, expression of the subjects, catchlights (not our dear Moderator).


    Keep Shooting.

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    Very good shot!
    The wonder in the boys eyes. The interaction between the two of them.
    What you said about it being a lucky shot?
    Well, I think it's that way with most of us -- sometimes everything seems to come together for a good shot. But you still have to be there to take the shot, and you still have to recognise its potential!
    The cloth and pail may be a bit of a distraction, but I'd trade those for the wonderful spontaneity any day

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    Nothing personal, just from a first honest impact, the gentleman's slightly unshaven mustache and the semi darkened shades add to this 'pervert' feel along with his tiny smirk. Though this might not be the case at all of course! Perhaps a subconscious perception. Other than that a great feel to the expression captured on the boys face.

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    The B & W somehow remove the distraction shown in the color version. I like it as the child did not pose for the photo and react naturally. Good work

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