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Thread: Where best to develop photos?

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    Default Where best to develop photos?

    Hi all. I am a newbie here and just sent my first batch of photos to be developed at No. 1 Color Centre. Sent about 15 to test print to see how the quality turned out.

    Apparently, they charged 25c a copy but 20c if 100 and above....quality came out pretty bad...a lot of the photos seemed washed out (like too bright)...some with horrible colours...

    where in your opinion is the best place (where quality comes out good) to develop digital photos?

    the original one

    the washed out one
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    try grace digital at sunset way,
    BM at Stamford house,
    Colorlab at Adelphi
    KT near chinatown point (I haven't tried this yet)

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    how much does grace charge?
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    Digipro at Marine Terrace is very good. Despite my heavy handed PS'ing, the colours all came out looking very natural.

    They have a promotion till end of this year: 29 cents for 4R with white border and matte paper. Worth the extra few cents for their professional colour adjustment.

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    oh cool....thanks for that info!


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