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Thread: Going Phuket......................... any advice ?

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    Default Going Phuket......................... any advice ?

    Helo Guys,

    Going Phuket with my girlfriend this January. I love that place, but the last time I went there was a decade ago. Maybe less, but you get the point.
    I'll be staying at the Patong Area.

    1) General Advice Appreciated

    2) Which places are cheap and good to dine. AMbience is secondary.

    3) Should I bring my D100 ? I find photography and holidays dont mix very well, especially with the cumbersome SLRs. BUt of course, missing beautiful moments to capture would be even worse. I'm thinking of surviving with a Olympus Mju 28mmf2.8 P&S FIlm camera. I'll be going to alot of scenic spots, snorkling and stuff... lots of pictures to take man. I was thinking of d100 with my Kit lens, full stop.

    4) ANy good massage palours , which DO NOT offer "extra services" as their main line of business ? CHeap and good as usual.

    SPending 5 days there... cant wait. So far, I've decided on the Starlight by Hong Eco Kayak Tour by JOhn Gray, and a Day trip out to phiphi plus snorkling.

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    Good that u be staying in Patong area.

    Seafood is cheap and good but go to the side lane food stalls. If u go to the main st, u pay more.

    There are waterfalls and scenic places on the island to explore and u have to hire a driver to bring u around.

    Phi Phi Island is good for photog and dive.

    If u dont bring ya D100 u may live to regret.


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    I rent a skooter for 3 days when I was there, no need license but make sure you don't use credit card or IC as deposite(you won't know what will happen with it)...I gave them my license paper(the old type) and they accepted... I even rode to Lotus to buy groceries But must remember to wear helmet as I got "saman" at one of the roadblock but manage to get discount is one but I can't recall the name...I see if I can find something when I am back home today

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcwang
    So far, I've decided on the Starlight by Hong Eco Kayak Tour by JOhn Gray, and a Day trip out to phiphi plus snorkling.

    I am going there next Monday for 4 days.
    Care to elaborate wtas "Starlight by Hong Eco Kayak Tour by JOhn Gray"?
    Dreaming... 14mm f2.8, 16-35 f2.8 mkII, 85 f1.2 mkII

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    Its a Kayaking trip to explore the caves I think near Phang Nga area, including going in at night when the caves glow light stars , like glow worms I think. Everyone say must try. Have a look at and navigate your way there. Damn pricey though. 150 per pax. full day. Or try searching for John Gray

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    accidents involving motorcycles or scooters rode by foreigners are common. be safe.

    latest security alert. Bangkok, Phuket being targetted by militants from south.

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    You're scaring me man.


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