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Thread: Posted Thread Not Showing In Nikon Sell Forum

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    Hi I just posted an ad (9 Apr 2012, between 9 to 9:21PM) at the Nikon Sell Forum but it didn't appear. I refresh a few times but it didn't show. So I thought there is an error and try all over again but it still didn't appear.

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    After one day, tried again and still the same result. Haiz... No errors reported when submitting but the post still doesn't show up.

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    Okay... it looks like there is no support and it's just self-help.

    I finally managed to post my ad and I am able to identify the bug of the forum software.

    When I first created my ad, I am not able to post even though it shows a success during submit. 3 times...
    What I do is to remove the images and the ad was successfully posted.
    I reply to the ad to add my 8 pictures and it failed.

    The following errors occurred with your submission

    You have included a total of 8 images and/or videos in your message. The maximum number that you may include is 5. Please correct the problem and then continue again."

    So I reply with 1st 5 images, then 2nd reply add the last 3 images.

    So I deduce that the reason why I can't post my ad is because in my original ad, I got > 5 images. The bug is on submission, this error wasn't captured and brought up for me to correct it.

    Posting here so that IF anyone encounters the same issue, you can try what I do and work around it.

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    Default Re: Posted Thread Not Showing In Nikon Sell Forum

    thanks for your feedback.

    i have had a few other CSers pm me on similar incidents in the B&S, and know that a "missing" thred / post can lead to some frustration. they had posted 5-8 images in the new thread form. however, after some iterations, posting only 3 images in the initial post appears to work and the thread is listed.

    after some testing, i think that this has to do with the image limit per post, which is 5 images in any single post (be it a new thread or new post). and i think that this also applies to the personal classified section.

    ideally, a warning should be built into the WTS / WTB form to warn of the user that the post has exceeded the max number of images allowed, and not just dissappear. until a fix can be developed and coded in, those facing a similar problem, pls post max 5 images in the new B&S thread form.

    if you require help on posting images, you may reference this thread -
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