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    Hey all,

    I know this may not be the best forum to post and ask for such question, but if any bros recently installed a htpc, or has knowledge abt it. Please drop me a pm, my current just gave up and I hope to get some advice for motherboard with raid 0 (to read the harddisk of my previous setup) and CPU. As its a htpc, my only requirements is to watch HD video and basic surfing, and needs to fit inside a sg-02 silver stone casing with a HD5770 video card.

    I belongs to the core 2 and X58 era, had lost touch on recent setups, if anyone wish to help pls pm me.
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    Post in vrzone or hardwarezone. More gurus over there.
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    You might consider AMD APU A3870K with an embedded GPU HD6550D. It is an unlocked APU which allow for overclocking. Else, you can consider A3850 model. Motherboards are all same and depend on which brand you prefer, Asrock is recommended.

    SSD price is dirt cheap now, you can consider it too. DRAM price is at record low, time to add more capacity for future proof.


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