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Thread: John Gray's Kayaking Expedition Phuket

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    Default John Gray's Kayaking Expedition Phuket

    ANyone has gone for this trip before, most notably Skylight By Hong ? I would be going this January, and I was wondering if it is camera friendly. Wish to bring my d100 for the kayaking trip, but its risky, isnt it ?

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    I've gone canoeing in Phuket before... (but not with John Gray's coz was told there's a much cheaper alternative elsewhere)...

    I think it's quite okay to shoot coz the water's normally calm... you do have to take some precaution of course... sekali canoe flip over.. then die die.


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    WHat precaution can I take ? and it would be tough to keep the camera dry completely. Maybe I'll buy a disposable camera to bring along on that trip.

    Are there alternatives to John Gray's tours ? I'm not sure.... please advice. They are mighty pricey, but the reviews have been incredible so far.

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    I would suppose the best solution would be a compact digicam with an underwater casing (so that you can actually take some pictures with the camera you're bringing along).

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    Bring along a BAJA bag, it's always goes with canoeing, a must have for regular/serious canoeists. and water-proof with ZIPLOC. (my suggestion)

    Another good canoeing spot is at Pangkor Laut in Malaysia. Guess it's also a cheaper alternative.

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    Maybe you can use one of those instant waterproof ones that allows a 3-5m depth if I remembered correctly?

    Well, pictures not too bad. Quite sharp actually, colours also quite good and no need to worry spoil your camera. I actually used it down at 18-20m......

    No leakage and pics still came out......but of course, bluish lah when underwater without flash.


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