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Thread: NDP Preview

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    me got tickets for grandstand.

    the only prob is, is it really a must for shirt and tie?

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    isnt it LONG sleeve shirts and tie =)

    yes it is..
    btw... grandstand seats quite sucky
    u wont see the free fallers... blocked by the shelter.......
    and even the fly past... u'll miss part of it.
    on bright side... ur in the centre

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    Default Hmm

    Just wondering.. those who have passes (or had passes) for this year's NDP, it lists the areas where that pass holder can access at the bottom of the passcard (GA-Gallery, GS-Grandstand,55-55foot etc). Anyone has any idea what does the 'X' stand for?

    Need to know urgently. Thanks

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    "X" is for the security access to 21 gunners area outside the stadium next to Oasis Centre.

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