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Thread: what is micro vs macro?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Witness
    nick's way i tink only works for nikon coz i dun tink canon got aperture ring on lens rite..
    i believe u are talking abt nickmak's way. his way only works for canon EF mount, not for the others. that's how they force the aperture to stay in that aperture as they use electronics on the lens to stopdown the aperture

    denniskee actually have tried using 2 extension tubes and wires between the 2 ext tubes on his canon cam to mimic the reversing electronic connector

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    Default Re: what is micro vs macro?

    Buy a Canon MPE-65, a true Macro lens.
    It starts from 1:1 to 5:1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erictan8888
    two more questions:

    if i use the 50mm f1.8 reverse mounted on the D70, what is the focusing like?
    i understand must do manual focusing... is it manual focus on the lens ring or manual focus by shifting the tripod back and fro? in other words, with lens reversed, can i fixed the tipod at one place and using the ring on the lens to do manual focus?

    how about the aperture setting? since lens not connected to computer chip, how is the aperture setting on a reversed lens done?

    thanks in advance
    Focusing? You move your camera towards or away from the object until it is sharp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by user111
    nikon calls it micro, canon calls it macro. both mean the same.
    What'e the difference between macro-econimics and micro-economics? Following that analogy, I think people who used the terms micro and macro just sees things in a different way..

    So what is it? Do I shoot small things? (Micro) or do I make things look big? (Macro)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Witness
    erhm....if i am not wrong nikon also got macro lens....micro lens tend to give u a "flattened" image whereas macro lens give u 1:1 reproduction of size....this is if i dun remember wrongly...remember seeing on the forum sometime back...

    for ya sigma apo macro.....leave it at normal and the focusing will not be as close if i am not wrong...if u already own it jzu experiment lo....

    Nikon has specialized Micro lenses (for shooting small things?) or Nikon's ordinary lenses which can focus closer has a Macro mode (for making things larger?)

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