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Actually its not my gf is me and guys don't wear make up or apply powder etc thus the cover up method doesnt work for me. Not trying to beautify myself in reality, I just want to take some good shots during my overseas trip and keep for memories. I think the photos wil be alot so photoshop editing method is out too thus my question on whether on the 550d function whether got any tricks to shoot so the skin looks softer like overexpose more etc and what is the best mode to use when taking portraits?
- Guys can use make up and powder. It's the way you use it .. Don't copy from Chinese Opera.
- Limit and select photos. No point uploading thousands of snapshots. Focus on making good pictures.
- Canon has Image Styles which you can apply (and more of them can be downloaded). But be aware: it's irreversible if you shoot jpg.
- The best mode is the mode you know how to use. Do note: modes for cameras usually refer to exposure modes. If you want to apply exposure compensation do read up about exposure modes and how cameras 'read' a scene then.
A DSLR is a tool that can do certain things faster and more accurate then human - but it cannot read or understand any scene. It is your job to understand the camera and give the right instructions (settings) depending on the scene.