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Thread: Pentax Q lenses and adapters

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    Default Pentax Q lenses and adapters

    To all the helpful members here, I have a question. I've been reading about the Q + adapter + cctv lens and interested to know more. I using the Q primarily for landscape pictures when traveling and having read and seen the very wide angle pics that others took using this combo I would like to learn about the parts.

    1) what exactly is a CCTV lens
    2) what adapter can be used
    3) any tips on how to make them play nice with the Q

    Thank you so very much in advance

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    CCTV stands for close circuit tv. These are mostly c mount lens use on security cameras. Some are pretty good... There are also pentax cctv lens... Eg. 25mm f1.4.

    You will need a C mount to pentax q adapter. EBay sell them for ~$20.

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    Thanks bro. Where can I get the lens for cheap? I saw some photogs taken with a Tamron 3-8mm lens. Looks nice.

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    You can try eBay. B&H sells for usd 26.50. But shipping likely expensive.

    Google shows there are local distributors. You may wan to call them for a quote.

    Do let us know If the lens is good... F1.0 wow!

    Googled... the mount type is cs and there is a manual iris and a dc iris model.... U likely need the manual iris. As for cs I am not sure If the usual c mount adaptor works.
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    awww crud the tamron is cs mount notbc mount. well time to hunt for other lens.


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