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    The Pic is overexposed. In this situation with out using any filters what will be your settings where you can get an almost balance exposure considering that on the left area is a shade and the right area has a direct light from the sun.?

    Once again TIA!

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    shoot two exposures on a tripod and combine!

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    spot meter for a "grey" looking object..

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    To spot meter at the 18% gray is a bit tricky and still I believe needs years of practice to be able to spot quickly for that particularly that area

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    for this scene i will choose the large orange flower pot, spot meter for it then bracket in half stops.

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    There's a thread somewhere in DPreview about blending pics. In summary, shoot in RAW mode to give yourself maximum DR, process one at +1EV (for shadows) and one at -1 EV (for highlights), or some value that works for the scene, and blend in PS. You'll be surprised how much detail you can pull out of supposedly blown areas, as long as you don't overexpose too much! Petteri Sulonen and Michael Reichmann's sites have some basic tutorials on the blending technique also.



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