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    1. In which area is critique to be sought?
    Composition, Exposure and post processing

    2. What one hopes to achieve with this piece of work?
    I took this photo because I really liked the reflection of the leaves on the water surface above it. What I want to show is the dual images created by the water.

    3. Under what circumstance is the picture taken?
    Was back home from office and sitting on the couch when I saw that these leaves had broken free from the rest of the plant in the aquarium. I liked the effect that it was creating as it twirled in the water because of the filter. Also, only one fish was swimming past it and I liked the contrast between the orange and the green.

    4. What the critique seeker personally thinks of the picture?
    I think its a decent attempt. I had to pump up the ISO and change the shutter settings many times before I could get this image. Also required me to be quite patient so I could capture the fish in the frame as well

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    your photo caught my attention due to the strong contrast between dark background and the plant. Love the lighting as well. Well done

    However if you have not mentioned the fish in your description I would have wondered what is that orange thing. Personally I would prefer the fish to be at the bottom left of the frame (thus projecting an inverted image on the top left as well), and also make sure that I captured the fish as a whole.
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    Thanks bro. well noted. now that I think about it, I agree that the full fish at the bottom would have been very beautiful. Tks for the comment, really appreciate it!
    Also the contrast is probably a bit more because I experimented with the blacks slider on photoshop.

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    this shot would have been beautiful if not for the fish. Kind of distracting.

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    Thanks Anhyeuem for the comment. Yeah, looks like the fish is not conveying the effect I wanted it to. Comment well noted.

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    actually the fish makes the photo interesting. if not for the fish it would be kinda boring, u dont believe, try to picture it in ur mind.

    there is a couple small round specs near the far right leaf.

    u say u bumped up the iso for this shot? u may have the iso too high.

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    Tks for the comment bro Lactose. Sori for late reply, was out on the weekend. Frankly I did not even see that white speck till you mentioned it. You very sharp! I think it's dust on the wall of the aquarium. I don't think it's because of the iso tho, but I cannot be sure. The photo was taken at iso 3200 tho.

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    Stunning image! I love how I can view this image without even having to know what it is because it's a little hypnotizing...

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    Interesting photo, but a good photo should be able to tell the story by itself. The best is able to see the fish itself without guessing.
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    Thanks broylim and SilverPine. I am glad that you like the pic .

    Maybe the fish is the secret sauce. :P


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