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Thread: Dark images in Photoshop

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    Default Dark images in Photoshop

    Hi guys.

    Does anyone know why my photos appear super dark when I load them into Photoshop elements or even Photoshop CS? I tried changing the colour space from sRGB to Adobe RGB but it doesn't help.

    The photos were taken with a 20D and I'm using a Samsung SyncMaster763MB monitor. The photos are fine when I view and edit them with Irfanview, looks exactly like on my camera LCD. But in Adobe Photoshop, they are dark! Someone Help!

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    try to readjust your monitor gamma settings, Most of the time they will get out of adj. Also one thing i learnd is in photo shop and on your camera make sure they are both set to veiw in RGB color. I have the D rebel so im not real sure what the settings in your camera might be.

    but those are the things i can think of

    also depends on what kind og computer your useign weather it be mac or PC I have the PC with win.XP Pro. so i have those settings i belive in the controll panel. Good luck!!


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