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    Hi All,

    Thought this might be something that I would like to share here:

    Recently, I found out from another thread in CS that there is a bookstore at Adelphi specializes on photography books.

    I went to the shop (Riceball) yesterday, and certainly is impressed.

    I got a book which is recommended by the owner (Mr. Zhang), title is "the photoshop cs book for digital photographers" by "Scott Kelby", which after flipping for the entire night, I found it extremely useful.

    I will recommend the Lumixers here to maybe just pay a visit to the shop first (4th floor), and you willc certainly agree with me that it is a hard to get bookstore for those who loves photography.

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    hey i read that book too.. damn cool... scott kelby is a photoshop guru man... hmmm but i've yet to get photoshop CS.. ha haha.. so.. im only using the techniques for my PS 7...

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    Bought 1 today, from the computer bookstore at Funan. Went to Riceball but they are closed on Monday, so no choice, went to Funan to get it .

    Excellent book i must say. Most of the Photoshop and Photography books are nonsense, IMO... except for this.


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