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Thread: CNY 1M shoot

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    Default CNY 1M shoot

    【新加坡豪门公主百万天价请摄影师李星龙,创史上最贵 写真】-大杂烩-ZOL中关村在线

    Not sure how many of you have seen this but the price tag was quite hefty.
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    Default Re: CNY 1M shoot

    wont comment on the artistic merit of the images but a google translate of the opening.....

    "......Singapore's Noble Princess million price please photographer Li Xinglong, the highest in the history of the most expensive photo
    According to online information, the film heroine Singapore a world-renowned family of hundred corporate CEO's daughter, her own several board members of multinational companies, according to Li Xinglong, another rich girl customers, this princess's one industry Apple the company's strategic partners.

    The fairy sister beautiful and super intelligence and little princess, said the 2012 "doomsday prophecy" made ​​her rich and career are indifferent to re-examine the life, the most regrettable busy with business, not to achieve an early age most simple dream, even the look of his youth, have not carefully recorded. The online source revealed that the little princess weighed global dozens of top-level write * real photographer, and ultimately selected to write the * true king (she called) on the Li Xinglong Li Xinglong. Although a star predators known star brother worth a lot of money and a strong character, but the little princess with one million yuan about the next travel period of 13 days to write the * true nobility package. Little princess is regrettable that, during filming coincided with the shareholders of the Company frequently, leading to the shooting action can not leave Singapore, the little princess said that if the "doomsday prophecy" failed every year to invite the star I go around the world with the best artistic vision of record look their best.

    Li Xinglong is the founder of the earliest star-forming sites suck star list, multiple identities, the main industry in star-forming media, around the many beautiful support, but also photographic Wizards, was dubbed "China's film beauty photographer," China's first apply for a photographer of a number of world record, "made ​​the star photography predators" and "capital of the first to write * real photographer", "write Chinese * true" and so on. According to legend, since Li Xinglong hidden quietly behind the scenes to push the red dozens of Internet and media celebrities and artists models, driven by several times the picture wave, users and the exposure of a star case Xin Zhang, s, women the Lilu Qian, and Sun Jingyuan, Sun Yiqi , said Zhang Xin name is Li Xinglong taken can be described as a young beautiful star artistic leader.


    above is a literal word for word translation ........ can someone give a proper translation ?
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    Default Re: CNY 1M shoot

    Translation => "Daughter of rich CEO spent millions to hire a photographer for her portfolio"
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    Can't.. understand.. chinese.. But the photos speak for themselves. Gosh i can do that with a PnS

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    I hate the strong distracting light behind the subject

    When you are famous, you can charge high fee for your service, regardless of your skill
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