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    Default References on DCs

    Hi, I'm a newbie here, bought a Canon A40 recently.
    For all you guys out there who're interested in reading up on buying a DC or even how a DC works.... you should try the library.
    I've been reading this book called "Complete Digital Photography" by Ben Long.

    Anyway hope this book proves useful. It also covers techniques in taking shots.

    Hope to work on my camera skills too. Still quite confused about the terms.


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    Thanks for recommending the book

    Welcome to Clubsnap
    See my Photo Gallery at the Clubsnap

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    Can i sleep on the pillow ????

    Welcome !

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    unfortunately the pillow is only for baby..
    i need a pillow too.

    thankx for recommending the book.. however it is out of shelf in library .. in same school >???

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    I'm in NUS second yr: 21/m
    Anyway, theres alot of books out there to read up on!
    Hey Ifly! we use the same camera....
    Anyway how long have u been using it? Any shortcomings with it?



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