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Thread: Indochinese Tigress

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sion

    How to achieve "high-ranking member" in CS?
    Talk more bosses all did that

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    Default Re: Indochinese Tigress

    Quote Originally Posted by LeCroy View Post
    Haha, wow, so many people only know how to criticize people and forget to see their mirror image of how rude and sarcastic they are in CS.

    The behavior of these two ladies are just pea bean in comparison to the regular arrogant and over-reacting comments of some 'high-ranking' members here.
    do you work in Lecroy? they make excellent Oscilloscope...

    btw, high-ranking in General-discussion-kopitiam or photo galleries?? if in Kopitiam, then we can dismiss your sentence

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    Quote Originally Posted by chillicutter View Post
    I think she's already upset over another issue e.g financial difficulties, marridge problems etc and this poor man just happened to accidentally stepped on her "tail" thus ignited her explosives.
    venting anger on others just because she has issues... and bumping into her seat is not really a big problem either.
    she should seek psychiatric help man

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    Default Re: Indochinese Tigress

    how can you compare a cat-fight to our beloved esteemed "high-ranking memebers'" comments?

    and this is what Barney has to say about cat-fights:

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    Default Re: Indochinese Tigress

    Another tigress, this time from Guangzhou.

    Threatened to make the A320 "disappear" in the style of September 11 suicide attacks. Warning given by Airport Police.
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