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    PLAY to the Beat!

    The fourth installment of PLAY@SAE brought us sounds from a wide range of genres - from folk to rock in acoustic form, soul to beat-driven music. Whatever it was, the performers sure knew how to have fun.

    This is what good music is all about. Showcasing work from students and graduates of SAE Singapore, PLAY@SAE is becoming a solid platform where both musical and visual pieces are featured and appreciated. It is no longer just about completing a project to get a good grade, but more of fine-tuning it to appeal to the proper audiences.

    PLAY@SAE isn't just about playing music; it's about how much energy you can emanate past the stage and into the audience - and having a fantastic time in the process. Keep your ears peeled for more to come.

    Come on down to HomeClub on the 29th of March from 8pm - 2am and check out performances by our talented students.

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    Thursday night...I am not too good when it comes to appreciating music but do look forward to my pics.
    You wont see me much less remember me but i am the guy who makes you look good.

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