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Thread: Should i work for free?

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    Default Should i work for free?

    I find this video very useful for beginners out there. Please watch this and understand why you should and should NOT work for free. Check it out.

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    Please don't post this in CS.

    Here everybody shoot for a fees.
    For example. My fees is $759 per hour.

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    Anyone wants to work for free should not post a thread about it here, confirm kana slam lol
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    Even if you are currently working for free
    You also must somehow get paid by other means.

    Like... In exchange of a lunch set.

    Or ... Get a free ride back home after the shooting event.

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    Default Re: Should i work for free?

    I will shoot for free, but only when i am TOO free.
    Take both its legs down first, then cuts its tail, next is shoot between its eyes:devil:


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