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Thread: Photoshop CS6 Beta Available Now

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    Default Photoshop CS6 Beta Available Now

    Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta is now available to download and try for free... pls note that this is a "Beta" release, meaning, it is not considered bulletproof yet and will only function till the actual retail product is released, so don't use this to do any crucial work which you might not want to lose... YMMV

    for a look at what's new, go to your favourite news sites, or check it out from Adobe's own release notes...

    have fun

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    Interesting. What's new?
    KF Photography
    Thanks for viewing!

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    Default Re: Photoshop CS6 Beta Available Now

    I've tried the new Iris and Tilt shift blur. Who needs tilt shift and large aperture lenses when you can photoshop it! LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blur Shadow View Post
    Interesting. What's new?
    like I mentioned, check out Adobe's release notes...


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