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Thread: objectif or Photographic Society of Singapore

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    Quote Originally Posted by theITguy
    Hi Steven,

    Did not know that there is this Friday thingy. Want to join the conventional basic course, but scare may clash with my potential night class. Any idea if non-members are allowed to join the friday photo clinic?

    The Basic photography course is modular. In case you miss any module, you can make up in another batch, within 3 months from commencement.

    The Friday photo clinic is for members, especially participants from the courses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by student

    In my limited experience, with exceptions, most workshops are pleasant and few participants do not benefit from the workshops. Most teachers are wonderful. What is important also depends on the background of the participants, at what "stage" they joined the workshops. To some, perhaps a photog like Streetshooter, workshops offered by PSS may not appeal because he is "beyond" that stage. .
    PSS's program is such that a beginner goes through the basic photography course, after which, he is free to select which specialization he wants by choosing any of the advance courses. The skills he or she pick up are sufficient for them to explore on their own in future.

    For an advanced photographer, he or she may choose whatever advance workshop that he or she think is suitable.

    The bottomline is, at the end of the day, regardless where you learn, you must be able to take pictures to have your own portfolio.

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    Intersting ... shutterbug 001 asked this opinion in 17 dec 04 and am surprised that this thread still going on ....... seem like getting out of OT ...

    Btw I hope shutterbug 001 finds the right course for himself yeap ??? This is probably the first thread he started and now dun know where he is ...

    Sorry didnt read thru the whole thread coz each side have their own points. IMHO ... which ever school you enrolled ... finally we will still meet along the ways as we progress .... ultimately it still depends on the participant's interest and passion to motivate him to improve and bring himself up the ladder ...
    AMPA * WPPI * J team

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    My personal opinion.

    Dun juz see da price and den stick to da ol' Singaporean mentality of "cheep-cheep, mai tu liao!" thing.

    A few points to consider:
    1) What does the price includes? Or are there additional hidden surcharges that will bust ur wallet?
    2) What does the course covers? Izzit one of those pure theory kind or wad?
    3) School/Instructor reputation & 'battle' experience
    4) Most important... WHOM ARE U MORE COMFORTABLE WITH?

    There are quite a number of places offering such basic photography courses. I'm not sure abt Objectif or PSS, but SLCC does offer pretty good courses at quite good prices methinks. I tok until so much, we all tok until so much, eventually its up to u and what u want.

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    True.... to reach a destination, you can walk, run, jog. You can even drive, take a bus or fly there.

    Impt is to reach there....

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