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Thread: Apealing for old CS event photos ...

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    Default Apealing for old CS event photos ...

    Hi guys,

    I guess I'm appealing to those who still around since the inception ClubSNAP.

    If you still have those photos relating to:
    1. SEED events
    2. Early day photoshoots @ the Zoo, JBP, Sentosa, BG, rojak shoot ...
    3. Anniversary events such as the 1st @ can't remember the of the hotel (I know it's just beside CP), the subsequent one at the zoo and such ...
    4. Others which happen to fall into the time frame of late 2001 to 2005 ...

    Can you help to post them in the gallery? We're trying to put them into a slide show which hope to screen it @ the CS 10th anniversary dinner and subsequently post them on FB ...

    Thanks in advance!
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